Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My special son xavier

Here is my special son Xavier, he is 13 and loves to bake/cook, this was last weeks baking session and the other picture is after he was assaulted taking some of those wonderful sausage rolls to Grandads house 3 blocks up the road.


  1. Those sausage rolls sure look good. A chef in the making. xx

  2. can i have a sausage roll please

  3. those saus rolls look scrummy,
    poor xaviers eye looks sore ......hope he feels better soon hun,love his cards
    lalkygirl x

  4. They look so yummy!

    He can come over to mine and make me a batch, you have a chef in the making there

    Donna xx

  5. Hi All, Xavier is really getting good at the baking and cooking now. love Michaela x